Hillary Clinton’s Perfect PR Propaganda Machine

Around election time in the United States it never ceases to amaze me how many lies and how much negativity is proffered on the American public.

Since the election of 2000, elections have become a ritual of name-calling, bashing, spreading of lies and rumors. Trust between parties has evaporated. It is one big Public Relations (PR) game, and the one who does it best usually is the winner.

In the election of 2000, Al Gore, who lost Florida by 500+ votes, contested the election. There were accusations of fraud on both sides. And it was discovered that there was some fraud. But it was not on the part of the Republicans, as the Democrats would have you believe, it was their own. Democrats were caught on videotape trying to prove votes for Gore were not counted by bending the voter cards and trying to have what are called “chads” fall out.

In actuality, Bush won Florida any way you look at it. The media even did a recount of their own, confirming that Bush won after the Supreme Court affirmed and effectively stopped the recount.

This year, in 2016, the election process has gotten worse. But perception is key to PR success and the candidate who is perceived as the most Presidential and who tells people what they want to hear will prevail. Continue reading Hillary Clinton’s Perfect PR Propaganda Machine

Why Pharmaceutical Advertising makes me sick.

One can’t turn on the TV anymore without seeing some ad for a “new” pharmaceutical drug… or a “not so new” drug, touting how wonderful it is, followed by 10-30 seconds of contraindications and side effects.  These commercials are usually followed by commercials from law firms on how some “wonderful” drug has killed people, and how if you died, or knew a loved one who died, if you call them you may be able to get money.  What a joke. Continue reading Why Pharmaceutical Advertising makes me sick.

Lies and PR… Gamble or Business as Usual?

Everybody lies — or so it seems any more. It is expected. Denials. Posturing. Spinning of data. Spinning of the truth. Like I heard once from a lawyer — “I tell the truth in the way that will best benefit my client.”  In other words spin the truth and lie for your own goals.  So if everybody does it is it ethical?  Absolutely not.

Public Relations (PR) and Advertising are similar in some respects — they are different vehicles for delivering a message. The goals are the same in many ways too — you have information and statistics and spin it truthfully in a way to best benefit your client. Should you lie?   Continue reading Lies and PR… Gamble or Business as Usual?

How to Waste Money Trying to Sell a Patently Flawed Product

I guess it is a matter of Murphy’s law, but the massive waste of money spent to promote a doomed product nicknamed “Obamacare” continues. I won’t get into politics as that is not the purpose of my article, but take an objective stance on what happens when you are forced to sell a product that will not sell.
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Changing the Definition of Advertising

I read an article this morning about the definition of advertising in Adweek magazine. The article, entitled “The Definition of Advertising Has Never Been More Unclear  — Source of both opportunity and crisis”   To summarize, the article stated that the term “Advertising” needs to be redefined.

I am having a really hard time understanding why people think the term advertising needs a new definition. It doesn’t. Just because the media changes, doesn’t mean the definition of advertising has changed. Maybe that perception is why there is so much of this so-called “advertising” that I wrote about before out there. Maybe that is the reason why there is so much (sorry to say) bad, ineffective advertising running today.

The Definition of “Advertising” hasn’t changed. The VEHICLES to get the message out HAVE CHANGED.  Now if you find me me a little blunt about this – well I am…
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New Trend in Online Advertising – or is it?

Yes you may find my heading a little confusing, but so is this so called “advertising” we are being fed by Facebook and YouTube and your local Browser.

I really don’t like it and if the technique can be perfected that would be one thing, but I have real problems with this advertising model. Let’s look at why.
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The Creative Cloud and How it Could Affect Your Business

The new buzz is about virtual servers and word on the street is that all servers will be virtual by 2016. Seems computer programs are going virtual too.

Adobe issued press a few days ago stating that they are not going to make or sell any more boxed software after CS6. They are going to serve it virtually – on the Creative Cloud – at $50 per month. It is a brilliant move for Adobe in many respects, but not for small businesses and possibly education at first glance.

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