Facebook’s New Personalized Ad Strategy. Ethical or Intrusive…?

Yesterday while on Facebook I made a comment about my cell phone having issues with the time change and within 5 minutes began receiving ads for refurbished and new cell phones on my newsfeed.

A few minutes earlier, one of my Facebook friends was commenting on how he was getting wedding ring ads on his Facebook feeds. When I questioned about it, he had made the comment that Facebook knows everything and it got me to thinking.

How ethical is this new marketing technique really? After all, to specifically tailor the ads to things that someone feels may be of interest to a specific individual, Facebook delves into your personal life and reads all your posts to come up with these recommended ads. And they may be passing / selling this information to other individuals/firms. Plus the collection of this data is subject to exploit by hackers and other nefarious individuals, which now effectively makes Facebook totally open with virtually no real privacy whatsoever.

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