New Trend in Online Advertising – or is it?

Yes you may find my heading a little confusing, but so is this so called “advertising” we are being fed by Facebook and YouTube and your local Browser.

I really don’t like it and if the technique can be perfected that would be one thing, but I have real problems with this advertising model. Let’s look at why.
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The Creative Cloud and How it Could Affect Your Business

The new buzz is about virtual servers and word on the street is that all servers will be virtual by 2016. Seems computer programs are going virtual too.

Adobe issued press a few days ago stating that they are not going to make or sell any more boxed software after CS6. They are going to serve it virtually – on the Creative Cloud – at $50 per month. It is a brilliant move for Adobe in many respects, but not for small businesses and possibly education at first glance.

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