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4 Minute Infomercials Gaining Ground

I have noticed a trend in the popularity of 4 minute infomercials, signaling the apparent success of what I will term the “mini-infomercial.” Why is this important? It is important because as the media we use daily change and consumer usage of media vehicles changes, the more creative we must be in our marketing and advertising decisions.

As recently as five years ago if you asked if an effective infomercial could be done in less than 30 minute, chances are you would be told no – that you have to build up the relationship with the prospective consumer and allow the product(s) to be demonstrated or told about to be effectively sold. Not so any more as marketers come up with this new combination of solid TV advertising techniques with the luring hooks of tested infomercials.

– Geri Konstantin

Interactive Television Makes its Appearance in “The Glass House”

For the last couple years the term “interactive television” has been tossed about. It has been projected to be the wave of the future and it was just a matter of time till it became a reality. After all, shows like “American Idol,” and “Dancing with the Stars” have been based heavilly on viewer preferences through voting for many years and the benefits of voter participation breeding viewer loyalty have been evident.

This new show, under the genre of a “transparent reality” show, takes it a couple steps further, encouraging viewers to actively participate with the content of the show, selecting what the contestants will do and wear, and intertwining it with active participation in social media such as Facebook and on

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