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Lies and PR… Gamble or Business as Usual?

Everybody lies — or so it seems any more. It is expected. Denials. Posturing. Spinning of data. Spinning of the truth. Like I heard once from a lawyer — “I tell the truth in the way that will best benefit my client.”  In other words spin the truth and lie for your own goals.  So if everybody does it is it ethical?  Absolutely not.

Public Relations (PR) and Advertising are similar in some respects — they are different vehicles for delivering a message. The goals are the same in many ways too — you have information and statistics and spin it truthfully in a way to best benefit your client. Should you lie?   Continue reading Lies and PR… Gamble or Business as Usual?

How to Waste Money Trying to Sell a Patently Flawed Product

I guess it is a matter of Murphy’s law, but the massive waste of money spent to promote a doomed product nicknamed “Obamacare” continues. I won’t get into politics as that is not the purpose of my article, but take an objective stance on what happens when you are forced to sell a product that will not sell.
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Truth in Advertising and Why it Does Not Apply to Political Advertising.

Double standards are everywhere (unfortunately). And most evident is the blatant lack of truth in political advertising. A lack of truth that basically goes unquestioned and uncontested.

Ironic, isn’t it. The Advertising industry for DECADES has made a point of ethics and truth in advertising. Basically advertising is self-governed and industry professionals are trained in what you can and cannot do, and are held to a high level of ethics. There are commissions and boards set up in this country to govern truth in advertising. Claims have to be documented. Standards have to be upheld. There are additional regulations for various industries including food, automobiles, real estate and lawyer advertising, for example, that vary from state to state. Some states even have big fines for violating the rules, but when it comes to political advertising nothing — absolutely nothing is deemed wrong…!

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