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Changing the Definition of Advertising

I read an article this morning about the definition of advertising in Adweek magazine. The article, entitled “The Definition of Advertising Has Never Been More Unclear  — Source of both opportunity and crisis”   To summarize, the article stated that the term “Advertising” needs to be redefined.

I am having a really hard time understanding why people think the term advertising needs a new definition. It doesn’t. Just because the media changes, doesn’t mean the definition of advertising has changed. Maybe that perception is why there is so much of this so-called “advertising” that I wrote about before out there. Maybe that is the reason why there is so much (sorry to say) bad, ineffective advertising running today.

The Definition of “Advertising” hasn’t changed. The VEHICLES to get the message out HAVE CHANGED.  Now if you find me me a little blunt about this – well I am…
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New Trend in Online Advertising – or is it?

Yes you may find my heading a little confusing, but so is this so called “advertising” we are being fed by Facebook and YouTube and your local Browser.

I really don’t like it and if the technique can be perfected that would be one thing, but I have real problems with this advertising model. Let’s look at why.
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Facebook’s New Personalized Ad Strategy. Ethical or Intrusive…?

Yesterday while on Facebook I made a comment about my cell phone having issues with the time change and within 5 minutes began receiving ads for refurbished and new cell phones on my newsfeed.

A few minutes earlier, one of my Facebook friends was commenting on how he was getting wedding ring ads on his Facebook feeds. When I questioned about it, he had made the comment that Facebook knows everything and it got me to thinking.

How ethical is this new marketing technique really? After all, to specifically tailor the ads to things that someone feels may be of interest to a specific individual, Facebook delves into your personal life and reads all your posts to come up with these recommended ads. And they may be passing / selling this information to other individuals/firms. Plus the collection of this data is subject to exploit by hackers and other nefarious individuals, which now effectively makes Facebook totally open with virtually no real privacy whatsoever.

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Lines Begin to Blur Between Smartphones and Tablets

As tablets get smaller and smartphones get larger, the lines start to blur. New offerings in the field of mobile devices are starting to have me wonder what is considered a tablet and what a smartphone. Phones are approaching the size of tablets. Tablets have shrunk to the size of large phones.

A new word is emerging – the “phablet.” And the new offerings at the Mobile World Congress 2013 give us just an inkling of what is on the horizon. Just have a look at some of these new products shown in Barcelona this week.

So what can we derive from this? Mobile devices are the wave of the future. And we need to start thinking of how we can market products and services effectively and creatively through these new types of devices. From what I see this is the direction of the industry. So get prepared…

– Geri Konstantin

Interactive Television Makes its Appearance in “The Glass House”

For the last couple years the term “interactive television” has been tossed about. It has been projected to be the wave of the future and it was just a matter of time till it became a reality. After all, shows like “American Idol,” and “Dancing with the Stars” have been based heavilly on viewer preferences through voting for many years and the benefits of voter participation breeding viewer loyalty have been evident.

This new show, under the genre of a “transparent reality” show, takes it a couple steps further, encouraging viewers to actively participate with the content of the show, selecting what the contestants will do and wear, and intertwining it with active participation in social media such as Facebook and on

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