Cross-Promotion: A key to Marketing Success in Today’s Rapidly Changing Business Climate

With an economic climate that has not been friendly to advertising budgets, Cross-Promotion has been increasing as a cost-effective means of advertising several products to a broad market base.

ABC gets my vote on the effective use of cross-promotion. Good Morning America (GMA) is replete with cross-promotions with other ABC programming, with other products, celebrities, TV shows and events.

It seems apparent to me they are going after the 18-35 market, using a lot of pop culture content that appeals to this market segment. They also seem to entice the baby boomers as well with guest appearances from bands and celebrities to which boomers can relate.

Cross-promotion is a cost-effective and necessary part of today’s challenging marketplace. The more a TV show or personality is out there and talked about, the stronger the brand/name recognition and the more likely viewers are likely to retain or gain interest, and remember/look forward to seeing future related offerings…

– Geri Konstantin