Hillary Clinton’s Perfect PR Propaganda Machine

Around election time in the United States it never ceases to amaze me how many lies and how much negativity is proffered on the American public.

Since the election of 2000, elections have become a ritual of name-calling, bashing, spreading of lies and rumors. Trust between parties has evaporated. It is one big Public Relations (PR) game, and the one who does it best usually is the winner.

In the election of 2000, Al Gore, who lost Florida by 500+ votes, contested the election. There were accusations of fraud on both sides. And it was discovered that there was some fraud. But it was not on the part of the Republicans, as the Democrats would have you believe, it was their own. Democrats were caught on videotape trying to prove votes for Gore were not counted by bending the voter cards and trying to have what are called “chads” fall out.

In actuality, Bush won Florida any way you look at it. The media even did a recount of their own, confirming that Bush won after the Supreme Court affirmed and effectively stopped the recount.

This year, in 2016, the election process has gotten worse. But perception is key to PR success and the candidate who is perceived as the most Presidential and who tells people what they want to hear will prevail.

Cronyism, corruption and lies have become the norm in Washington. It is driven by greed.

Politicians have become self-serving, greedy, self-centered, egotistical, arrogant boasters for the most part. They are above the law. In fact in recent years they have made their own laws just for themselves. They don’t have to deal with a bad economy like the average citizens. They constantly give themselves pay raises. They have their own form of healthcare, so although they made all of us succumb to Obamacare with its high deductibles and high premiums. They themselves have their own healthcare program that they created to provide for themselves —it is in essence the best healthcare program on earth.

So needless to say when an outsider, Donald J. Trump started running for office, the gauntlet was thrown down. How could an outsider become President? Why that would ruin the cronyism, interrupt partisan politics and cause the happy ineffective Congress to actually get something done. They couldn’t have that and so Congress became part of the Hillary Perfect PR Propaganda Machine.

What better a PR force than to have the party of your opponent be against their elected nominee!  You must admit Hillary couldn’t have asked for more. The Republican Party was splitting themselves and she didn’t have to do anything. Oh of course she had a hand in getting Trump to be named the party nominee. Her tactics are always to pit people against each other and she does it masterfully.

So to summarize, first Hillary got her opponent’s own party to turn against him. Pretty clever, wasn’t it. Big name Republicans and their arrogant egos attacked Trump. They tried to discredit him. The Democrats didn’t really have to do anything. But NO — it couldn’t stop there!

Next she pulled strings, called in favors and got the Media to side with her. Hillary has an extraordinary amount of clout with the Media. How she leveraged the most important mainstream Media is a bit of a mystery, but there obviously was money involved and/or secrets withheld.  Bottom line, the mainstream Media spin the news in Hillary’s favor, without question. Journalists have had their jobs threatened if they didn’t trash Donald Trump in their news reports.

So your opponent is being trashed by its own party, and the Media is printing everything in your favor!  What more could one want?

All of this is going on at a time when critical information as to Hillary’s honesty and integrity are coming into question, allegations of corruption and fraud arise, and media attention was beginning to turn on her, not her opponent? So what do you do now? The Hillary PR Propaganda Machine knew exactly what to do.

Hillary Clinton’s team took a tactic from The Left’s playbook: Saul Alinsky’s 13 Rules for Political Warfare.

You see Hillary is an Alinsky fan.  Alinsky was a Marxist. President Obama is also obviously a fan of Alinsky too. They both have used Alinsky’s tactics from his Rules for Radicals book. Clinton even wrote her thesis on Alinsky and his teachings. Alinsky was her mentor and had even offered her a job.

The result? A media assault on Donald Trump’s character starting with demeaning comments he made about women 11 years ago while supposedly off microphone.

This was a brilliant move on Hillary’s part, as she attempted to turn all women voters away from Trump and to her. Her Perfect PR Propaganda Machine started putting out how she was an advocate for women. At the same time they said Trump was a womanizer. They knew if they could alienate enough women, Hillary would end up with their votes, clinching the election.

While there was some truth to the Trump allegations, it was spun out of control. The “bought off” media made Trump’s comments look worse than they really were. Newspapers played up Hillary’s pro-woman stance. Women came out of the cracks in the woodwork claiming they had been assaulted and raped by Trump. I assume these were all fabrications. After all no one had accused Trump of anything before, and one would assume that would have come out during the Republican primary. It is apparent. Trump was set up by Hillary’s Perfect PR Propaganda Machine. The media frenzy went on for weeks, and after seemingly months now, is still being proffered as truth. Of course political advertising has a double standard of its own. It is not subjected to truth in advertising laws ( read my article on that subject).

Hillary’s true record towards women, an abomination in my opinion, was hidden from view. It was a PR coup. It took the attention away from Hillary’s dissemination of classified info through her personal email server. It took away from Clinton’s history of representing rapists and trashing women who got in her way. It took away from the pay to play Clinton Foundation / Secretary of State access that would have brought any usual candidate to their knees.

Trump came out looking like the bad guy. Hillary came out smelling like roses.

Even though she defended a rapist against a 12 year old girl, dragged the little child’s name through the mud, got the rapist that she KNEW was guilty off and then LAUGHED ABOUT IT.

Even though for years she called her husband’s rape victims “Bimbo Eruptions” and had their names dragged through the mud defending her husband’s sexual misdeeds.

Even though she trashed her husband’s intern, Monica Lewinsky, dragged her through the mud, effectively destroying this poor girl’s life, until finally her husband’s semen was found on the intern’s dress.

NONE of this was remembered. None of this mattered. Hillary’s image came off as pristine. She was the Women’s Advocate. Champion of Women. It couldn’t have been planned better.  Her Perfect PR Propaganda Machine kept churning away at Trump’s reputation, causing unsuspecting women to fall in line behind her, increasing her numbers at the polls.

Alinsky’s rules were used. And they worked. Have a look and see which ones she used:

Alinsky’s 13 Rules for the Left:

1. Power is not only what you have but what the enemy thinks you have.

2. Never go outside the experience of your people.

3. Whenever possible, go outside of the experience of the enemy.

4. Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules.

5. Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.

6. A good tactic is one that your people enjoy.

7. A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag.

8. Keep the pressure on with different tactics and actions, and utilize all events of the period for your purpose.

9. The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.

10. The major premise for tactics is the development of operations that will maintain a constant pressure upon the opposition.

11. If you push a negative hard and deep enough, it will break through into its counterside.

12. The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative.

13. Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.

The Trump camp came back in style. Trump apologized for his comments. Yet the media still derided him. Trump tried a counterpunch bringing Bill Clinton’s accusers to the forefront. Yet Hillary’s Perfect PR Propaganda Machine spun that as saying it doesn’t matter what Bill Clinton did, he is not running for office.  Very clever. If the Media were not in Hillary’s pocket, it probably wouldn’t have come off so well.  Hillary’s Perfect PR Propaganda Machine managed to make ex-President Bill Clinton look like a victim while making a basically innocent Donald Trump look like the worst womanizer of all times. Talk about a double standard!

Social media was alive with jokes and rantings about Trump. It fed into the Alinsky playbook, rule number 6, strengthening Hillary Clinton’s perception in the minds of women and young voters.

Others of us, who remember first hand Hillary’s past antics, stood back appalled at the feeding frenzy on social media and in the press. I, for one was shocked how well the Hillary Perfect PR Propaganda Machine managed to spin everything in their favor. I will say at that time I didn’t know how much the control Hillary had over the Media. Now that I know it all makes sense!

I always knew the New York Times was on the Democratic Party’s side. Yet the amount of control Hillary has of major news networks is scary to me at best. There is NO objective reporting. There is NO accountability. There is NO truth. It is Alinsky’s Rules 5, 6, 8 and 10.

And it works!  Hillary Clinton’s Perfect PR Propaganda Machine. What I term a Marxist, anti- American, anti-US  Constitution organization with no morals, no conscience, no ethics.  Based on a Satanist’s Marxist philosophies of getting people to believe what you want.

Let’s look at the obvious PR goals of the Hillary Campaign. Every successful PR campaign has well defined goals. There are basically three types of goals in PR:

  • Reputation Management
  • Relationship Management
  • Task Management

A closer look identifies Hillary’s Political Campaign goals:

Reputation Management:

This is the big one. Public Perception of Hillary Clinton. They need to make her look like the only choice for President. Honest, an Advocate for Women, For the poor people and the little guy, against big business and the wealthy. Victim of the right wing conspiracy that is always trying to pin stuff on her but can’t (implying she has done nothing wrong).

Relationship Management: 

How she relates to her voters. How she connects with them. Playing down her wealth, how she was born into a family without money,  income redistribution offering those without more entitlements and claiming only she can tax the rich and make them pay their fair share.

Task Management:

What they want to achieve. Diminish her opponent in the eyes of the people. Make her look like the only choice to vote for. A woman who is smart, experienced, stable. A woman who has been in public office for decades, who knows how to get things done. And the only candidate who has the necessary experience to be President.

Her task seems easy, doesn’t it. But yet there are concerns. Things that could backfire and put her into a vulnerable position. These concerns need to disappear from the public view.

Hillary’s Real Concerns:

  1. The truth about her public service record and how shallow and unimportant it was.
  2. The truth about her obstructing justice and deleting emails subpoenaed by Congress.
  3. The truth about her sending top secret emails over a private unsecured server and the server being hacked.
  4. The truth that she repeatedly lied to cover everything up.
  5. The truth that she was at fault for Benghazi and ignored 600 requests for more security.
  6. The truth that she knowingly abandoned our men in Benghazi.
  7. The truth that she sold the Russians 20% of our uranium.
  8. The truth that she is more likely to get us into nuclear war than any other candidate.
  9. The truth that her health is a concern – even her husband who questioned her about it when she decided to run for office.
  10. The truth that she, with the help of the DNC, rigged the primary causing Bernie Sanders to lose.
  11. The truth about her pay for play Secretary of State and the corrupt Clinton Foundation connection.
  12. The truth that she has full control of several major Media.
  13. The truth about her REAL disdain for everyday Americans.
  14. The truth that she is out of touch with the average American.
  15. The truth that she has no viable plan to fix Obamacare.
  16. The truth that she has no viable plan to fix the economy.
  17. The truth that she is in the pocket of Wall Street and big banks.
  18. The truth she is in the pocket of Big Pharma
  19. The truth that she is in the pocket of Big Agra and Monsanto
  20. The truth that she wants vaccinations to be mandatory.
  21. The truth that she wants to institute a draft of women into the military.
  22. The truth that she is in the 1% and did not pay taxes last year.
  23. The truth about how she REALLY treats women, destroying them if they get in her way.
  24. The truth that she could really be indicted and go to jail for what she did when Secretary of State.
  25. The truth that she manipulated things in the Middle East creating the current crisis.
  26. The truth that her actions gave ISIS weapons, the Iranians money and created instability in the Middle East.
  27. The truth about her real intentions in planning to bring a half a million Muslim “refugees” into the USA.
  28. The truth that she wants to abolish the second amendment of the Constitution.
  29. The truth that she wants to limit freedom of speech and freedom of religion.
  30. The truth that she wants a redistribution of wealth, a Marxist concept.
  31. The truth that she wants to be more of a dictator than a President and that she really only cares about herself and not the American people.

I am sure I missed some, but you get the point.

Yet even after this long list of concerns, she has managed through her Perfect PR Propaganda Machine to tell the public what SHE wants them to hear, what SHE wants them to know, dispelling every rumor there is by spinning the truth and using the Alinsky playbook in taking the attention off herself and turning it to her opponent by making up things and blasting it thru the press she controls. Successful PR is based upon good working relationships with the press. Hillary controls the majority of the mainstream press. Couldn’t get better than that!

For example, let’s take the most recent development of Anthony Weiner, the sexter husband of Clinton’s right hand —  Huma Abedin (a known Muslim activist BTW). They found through another investigation of Weiner sexting with a 15 year-old over 10,000 emails of Hillary Clinton put there apparently by Huma Abedin. These emails may be crucial and proof of leaking of classified info among other things. The claims are that the emails are not those previously seen by the DOJ.

So how does the Hillary Perfect PR Propaganda Machine spin it? They claim that the fact they found emails has to be false and the rumors claimed have to be untrue because they are not reopening the investigation of Hillary’s personal email server. They claim that nothing new can be found because they already have what was on the server.

VERY clever strategy. PR spun at its best. In fact it is partially true in that they are not reopening the investigation into Clinton’s personal server, but ARE reopening the email abuse case due to this finding on Huma’s husband’s laptop.

And of course now Huma is filing for divorce, another PR strategy, separating her from him, so they can throw him under the bus in the future and try to keep Huma’s name clean.

I know these are all allegations at this point. Don’t fault me for bringing this to your attention. It all says a lot about American politics and the amount of corruption and lies in American government. I wrote an article about lies and PR a year back.

Hillary has also made Trump look like a crook by not paying taxes he legally didn’t have to pay, while she did the same! But since she controls the Media, you’ll never hear about it from them. Controlling the Media and what they print. Another Marxist tactic.

Sadly there is not much truth in Public Relations  in today’s world. And there is hardly any truth in politics, especially US politics. Everyone feeds you what they want you to believe in the hopes you will fall for it. Saul Alinsky proved it works. Hillary Clinton is proving it works too. She has The Perfect PR Propaganda Machine. Can Donald Trump and the truth emerge as winners? Time will tell, but I hope for the sake of the future of the United States and it remaining as a Democratic Republic under the Constitution, that they do.