Interactive Television Makes its Appearance in “The Glass House”

For the last couple years the term “interactive television” has been tossed about. It has been projected to be the wave of the future and it was just a matter of time till it became a reality. After all, shows like “American Idol,” and “Dancing with the Stars” have been based heavilly on viewer preferences through voting for many years and the benefits of voter participation breeding viewer loyalty have been evident.

This new show, under the genre of a “transparent reality” show, takes it a couple steps further, encouraging viewers to actively participate with the content of the show, selecting what the contestants will do and wear, and intertwining it with active participation in social media such as Facebook and on

The Glass House will not only be changing viewer participation, but also the future of advertising and marketing. Expect more interactive TV, and the introduction of interactive TV commercials in the near future.

This show seems to be working and I’m reasonably sure that although I find a lot of these shows rather lame, there will be a cult following shortly. At one point when I looked at ABC’s web site during the show, there were over 5,000 posts with comments on who should be voted out…

– Geri Konstantin