pharmaceuticals make me sick

Why Pharmaceutical Advertising makes me sick.

One can’t turn on the TV anymore without seeing some ad for a “new” pharmaceutical drug… or a “not so new” drug, touting how wonderful it is, followed by 10-30 seconds of contraindications and side effects.  These commercials are usually followed by commercials from law firms on how some “wonderful” drug has killed people, and how if you died, or knew a loved one who died, if you call them you may be able to get money.  What a joke.

It is a vicious cycle at best, and since this author, a cancer survivor, is not into pills and knows first hand how drugs and opioids destroy people, it makes me sick to watch them.

They are obviously being aimed at Baby Boomers — my generation. The largest aging generation in history. And unfortunately many of my fellow Boomers are falling for the lies we are being fed.

Boomers are really the first generation of TV watchers from a young age.  They are usually brand loyal.  And we all have been indoctrinated in general from a young age to trust doctors and drugs,  and been told how wonderful they are — the answer to everything.  We went through the polio scare and were vaccinated, and most of us had chicken pox, measles, mumps, even whooping cough and survived — without vaccines — and without medication, (or much medication at all). Many of us are still extremely healthy, yet many of us have contracted cancers, are hooked on anti-depressants, pain pills,  opioids or something. Some of us died, yet many of us have beat the odds.

For the most part people say Boomers are the last intelligent generation, Yet in some cases how smart are we?

We were raised to believe staying in bed and doing the right things were the way to get over a cold. We were taught to stay home and not spread colds and the flu. We were raised on whole foods, not genetically engineered. We didn’t go to the doctor much. We waited to see if we felt better, or ate chicken soup or another of our grandmother’s natural remedies. We didn’t pop aspirin, Ibuprofen didn’t even exist. If we hurt ourselves playing a sport we didn’t pop pills. We kept playing, ignoring the pain, or used cold packs or a hot shower. Maybe we used some liniment but no one complained. It was expected to get sick — get the measles. After all your immune system built resistance to it.

So what happened to this way of thinking?  Why do children have to be vaccinated for these diseases like they are the worst thing to endure?  Why do kids look at pills like candy? Why do people think drugs cure all?  Why is fear instilled in us — fear that unless we take a pill, or have chemo, that we will most certainly die?  What happened to our society?

The answer?  Simply GREED.  Greed of politicians, drug companies, the almighty dollar. Greed by the food companies passing off bread that doesn’t spoil because it has so many artificial ingredients in it spoilage is retarded for weeks. The need to grow the bottom line at the expense of others, at the poisoning of others.  Simply GREED!

We have been brought up to trust doctors and do what they say — that they know best. That we don’t. But doctors are human and they don’t know all.  I am reminded of a joke — a reality check.  What do you call a doctor who graduated with a C- average?   Doctor. Makes you think. Would you rather go see the doctor who graduated with honors? Or a doc who barely passed. Believe me if I had listened to some of the doctors who treated me I could be dead. Or incapacitated — major. So why do we blindly believe that doctors know everything and drugs are the answer to all?

See Americans have been brainwashed with these so-called panaceas by pharmaceutical companies over and over again since 1994, when Pharmaceutical advertising was allowed on the air to the general public, making us become a nation of hypochondriacs. Between the flood of TV spots and the numerous print ads, it is hard to escape the indoctrination of Big Pharma.

Just look at these commercials. They all fit the same pattern. They are done for the sake of greed, in my opinion. To create brand awareness to drive people to buy — “push” advertising versus “pull” advertising.

Compare this to the way drug companies advertised prior to 1994.  They weren’t allowed to promote prescription drugs to the public, only to the professionals who prescribed them. (No TV commercials, no print ads in major publications.) So they had to convince doctors that the drug was the best solution to treating a problem. And if they did the drugs sold. If they didn’t then the drug disappeared.

Now by pushing  drugs on TV and in print ads, they create their own market — a group of consumers suckered in with misleading hope of miraculous healing and cures (at the expense of possible devastating side effects and even death).  I can hear some of you saying that’s not true, their ads aren’t misleading.  I respectfully disagree. They tell one side of the story. Have a look — READ the disclaimers in print ads.  They average a page of 6-8 point type. They are usually filled with terrifying side effects and contraindications. There can be reactions with different drugs, with foods, and who knows what. But they are added as an aside — eh — just legalities. So you are made to believe.

Consumers have now become hypochondriacs, going to doctors unnecessarily and demanding specific drugs. We are actually being brainwashed into thinking we might have something wrong with us. We now expect that any ache or pain is not normal and that one needs to see a doctor right away! Is this right? Is it right to scare people? To make people think their health issue will go away magically with a pill?

So consumers become convinced something is wrong with them and go to the doctor and demand the drugs. I see it happen with my own friends. They think doctors are like God and have solutions to all their ills or perceived ills, through popping pills! It’s ingrained in us.

When you listen closely to these commercials, and really listen to what they are selling, you discover that a lot of the side effects are worse than what you may or may not have in the first place!

So consumers flood doctors’ offices thinking something is wrong, or that their doctor has not prescribed the best pill for their perceived malady. Doctors are then put in the less desirable position of defending themselves, looking for something that might not exist — justifying their current patient assessment and drug choice — and then deciding what to do, what to prescribe and how to get the patient off their backs. They worry if they are going to be sued, lose patients if they don’t prescribe the drugs. And if the doctor disagrees with what the commercial says, some consumers go as far as going to another doctor until they get the meds they think they need.  All consumer perception, and GREED.

And those who get hooked on opioids or their derivatives, or anti-depressants become so psychologically reliant on those pills that they cannot escape this vicious cycle, all while the greedy drug companies rake in the big $$$$$.

Sadly we are becoming a society of pill poppers. And this is BAD.

We are being sold snake oil by pharmaceutical companies daily. And it is legal! It’s affecting our health, affecting the overburden on our healthcare system and this brainwashing of “drugs being the answer” to everything is being passed on to our children and their children.  This indoctrination is so strong.

And the government is creating this, not stopping this.  I remember one of my students in college, probably about 19 years old, saying to me she was having trouble sleeping so she took one of her mother’s Ambien.  I said to her — “That’s a prescription drug. It’s not safe just to take those. There are other things you can do to go to sleep.” ” Oh it won’t hurt me — there are ads on TV for those all the time. They can’t be bad for you.”  My eyes opened and I said to her “Pills are not the answer. They can cause other things to happen. PLEASE don’t do that again.”  I doubt it sank in. The brainwashing is too great. The psychology behind pharmaceutical advertising is powerful. The ads look like scenarios out of your own life.  Even I sit there at time saying — my hands hurt sometimes — maybe I have arthritis. I know I don’t, but the knee-jerk reaction is that I might be sick!

I knew other students who bragged about taking Viagra. At age 21- heck at age 31 — even 41 — 51 — 61 you shouldn’t need Viagra!  They thought it was funny. Thought there was no harm.  Brainwashed that they need to be more virile that they already were. Convinced that drugs were the answer. Heck — pop a pill!  It is NOT FUNNY — it is very sad… and it is sick. It is turning us into a society of dependent, scared hypochondriacs.

Plus now the Internet has made researching your own illness a favorite past time of many.  I am not convinced it is a bad thing, but it may not be a really good thing either. As a cancer survivor I found searching online to be the best thing for me. I found the right doctors. I didn’t take meds I didn’t think were good for me. I read all the side effects I could find. I learned what I thought would be right for me. I honestly don’t think I would be alive today if I hadn’t taken control of my own health and treatment. Chemotherapy is poison. I was scared into thinking it was the only way for me to survive. I now know better. That a combination of nutrition, natural solutions and conventional medicine are the best.

There are other solutions to medical issues besides drugs. There is nutrition, naturopathic solutions,  holistic treatments, essential oils and herbs. Meditation, acupuncture, Reiki and other forms of healing.  Even though much of the subjects listed above were pioneered by physicians, we have been brainwashed to believed THOSE remedies and practices are bogus, that THOSE are the snake oil.  Supplements are bashed by the drug companies and FDA as non-proven.  Not enough research. I t has become such that natural products cannot hardly advertise because the FDA will shut you down.  Already doctors who advise patients of natural approaches to healing are shut down by the AMA and losing their licenses to practice… Lawyers are suing pharmacies if they suggest a supplement to help a condition. Politicians are bought off. It is all too insane.  GREED. That is all it is…

But mainstream media, in their GREED, don’t speak of these things.  Why? Because of the advertising revenues proffered. There is so much money in pharmaceutical advertising it makes me sick.

Politicians are bought off and lied to. Both parties in Congress are guilty — for years now... Manipulated by drug companies.  The FDA is full of cronies of Big Pharma and Big Food. And the public keeps getting lied to and indoctrinated to think drugs are the answer. That our food supply is safe. That our water is safe. What a joke.  And many are too apathetic to search for the truth. Or to tell the truth. Why?  GREED.

Doctors are not trained about natural remedies, nor barely about nutrition. The drug companies manipulate medical school courses.  You don’t even hear people say “starve a cold, feed a fever” anymore.  They look for pills to pop. Amazingly enough to me though if you search for that old phrase online you get this as the first link to see:  And this is awesome as the site doesn’t tell you to pop a pill but what to eat! Guess Big Pharma hasn’t gotten to them yet.

There is a food revolution going on — not only here in the USA but in the world. Have a look:

People around the world are tired of being poisoned.  There is a resurgence to eat clean whole foods. I personally think this is wonderful. It is the only way I can continue to survive, more than four years since my diagnosis. See I was misdiagnosed twice before they found my cancer. I knew something was wrong. It took me 5 months and three different practitioners for them to find it. They kept telling me I was fine. So now I don’t believe everything I see or hear. Fear doesn’t strike me when the word cancer is spoken.  And pharmaceutical advertising makes me sick. Because I know the damage it is doing to us here in the USA. And I know it exists only because of GREED.