Truth in Advertising and Why it Does Not Apply to Political Advertising.

Double standards are everywhere (unfortunately). And most evident is the blatant lack of truth in political advertising. A lack of truth that basically goes unquestioned and uncontested.

Ironic, isn’t it. The Advertising industry for DECADES has made a point of ethics and truth in advertising. Basically advertising is self-governed and industry professionals are trained in what you can and cannot do, and are held to a high level of ethics. There are commissions and boards set up in this country to govern truth in advertising. Claims have to be documented. Standards have to be upheld. There are additional regulations for various industries including food, automobiles, real estate and lawyer advertising, for example, that vary from state to state. Some states even have big fines for violating the rules, but when it comes to political advertising nothing — absolutely nothing is deemed wrong…!

Candidates lie about their opponent’s record or platform. They even lie about their own platform. To our faces. Unabashedly. Like we are a bunch of dumb idiots who will believe whatever they say. Are we…? Well – apparently they think so or they wouldn’t lie to our faces over and over and over!

With the recent changes in legislation about who can pay for what in political advertising, interest groups are buying elections, in essence, passing off the messages they want the public to know, proffering lies as truth, claiming that they are one political affiliation when they are not, misleading the public with smoke and mirrors and the layers of shell corporations and companies are vast and unconscionable.

How did we become this way…? Greed. Pure greed. Sad, considering money buys political offices. It buys favors. I don’t see any integrity in politicians. They are all for themselves and their cronies. Why aren’t they held accountable for their lies and failures…? Hmmm… Could be because the public doesn’t demand it!

How many of us REALLY pay attention to politics and REALLY know what is going on? Not many I will state assuredly. Most people just look at what is in it for them… what they are going to get out of changing leadership.

People resist change by nature. The status quo is so much easier… isn’t it…! So if we have been convinced that things aren’t so bad — or that it is not his fault the economy is so bad – after all – who created the mess…! Aren’t we more apt to be complacent and vote for the incumbents?

How many of you really take the time to understand like the GM bailout for example? I bet I could count you on one hand. What REALLY has been the end result so far?
“It’s obvious” you say… “Look at all the jobs that were created!” GM is still here – yay! Yeah – but at what cost…?

Do you know that the US government owns the majority of common GM stock – like 500 million shares…?! How smart is that…?! Well not very, actually. Although I guess it propped up the stock price… And union workers have their jobs — yeah — and how much do they make an hour…? $56 per hour including wages and benefits – I’m sorry – that’s obscene. That is greed. And how many GM white collar workers lost their jobs… and had their pensions slashed…? And their health insurance? (And I bet a lot of them weren’t making $56 per hour…!) Well the insurance companies involved made out like bandits (don’t they always!)

And now that GM is “saved” to the tune of how many hundreds of millions of our dollars that we have had to borrow from China…? I guess I should have said billions as the bill for auto bailouts was more than $85 billion dollars ! Oh yeah – now that GM is “saved and all is well” (yeah – right) we give them the mandate that they have to improve the gas mileage of their vehicles to what…? Did I hear 57 MPG? (Word on the street is that GM is losing more on the sale of a Chevy Volt than the price of the car) And how much is that going to cost…!!! And if they can’t do it, then what…? Shut them down? And what happens to the bailout money? Oh yeah – I forgot it disappeared really fast – and there is no accounting for it… is there… hmmmm…?!

CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS? What the…??? Oh yeah – but I forgot — everything is fine and all is good – “ keep your eyes on the watch – keep your eyes on it as it swings back and forth and relax… relax…”

You get the idea… by the way, I have a bridge in Brooklyn if you’re interested…

More on this topic coming… would love to hear your thoughts 🙂

– Geri Konstantin